Michael Burt Research Group

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Group Leader

Michael Burt
EPSRC Early Career Fellow
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry

PhD - 2012, Memorial University of Newfoundland (T. D. Fridgen)
BSc (Hons) - 2008, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Postdoctoral Researcher - 2014-2019, University of Oxford (M. Brouard)
Postdoctoral Researcher - 2013-2014, University of Waterloo (T. B. McMahon)

Michael is a Canadian physical chemist who obtained his BSc (Hons) and PhD from the Memorial University of Newfoundland under Travis Fridgen. He joined Oxford Chemistry's academic staff in 2019, following postdoctoral research with Terry McMahon (University of Waterloo) and Mark Brouard (University of Oxford). His research focuses on uncovering structural and reaction dynamics in biological systems by combining mass spectrometry with action or femtosecond spectroscopy. Beyond research, he enjoys Olympic weightlifting, kayaking, and the cold.

Current Members

Emily Warne
Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD - 2020, University of Southampton (R. Minns)
BA (Physics) - 2016, University of Oxford

Postdoctoral Researcher - 2020, University of Southampton (R. Minns) 

Ellen Jones
DPhil Student, Lincoln College

MChem - 2021, University of York

Research: Gas-phase Coulomb explosion imaging.

Tiffany Walmsley
DPhil Student, Jesus College

MChemPhys - 2020, University of Edinburgh (A. Hishikawa, Nagoya University)

Research: Coulomb explosion imaging of interhalogen elimination reactions.

James Unwin
DPhil Student, Hertford College

MChem (Hons.) - 2020, Newcastle University 

Research: Excited state imaging of intramolecular proton transfer reactions.



Harvey Dovell
MChem Student, New College

Research: Coulomb explosion imaging of proton transfer in H-chelate rings.



Fabiola Koenig
MChem Student, Keble College

Research: Imaging the asynchronous dissociation dynamics of 1,2-dibromoethene.



Former Members


James Pickering

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher with the Weidner group.

PhD - 2018, Aarhus University (H. Stapelfeldt)
MChem - 2015, University of Oxford (M. Brouard)

Postdoctoral Research Associate - 2019-2020, University of Oxford (M. Burt) Teaching Fellow - 2019, University of Leicester
Postdoctoral Fellow - 2018, Aarhus University (H. Stapelfeldt)


Louis Minion
MChem - 2021, University of Oxford (M. Burt)

Research: Simulating Coulomb explosion fragmentation dynamics.


Luke Richardson
MChem - 2021, University of Oxford (M. Burt)

Research: Developing an electrostatic zoom lens for ion imaging.