Michael Burt Research Group

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Dr Michael Burt

The Burt group uses mass spectrometry and ultrashort laser pulses to study molecular structures and dynamics through Coulomb explosion imaging. Our research is interdisciplinary, and is accessible to students interested in physical and computational chemistry, chemical physics, and biochemistry. More information can be found under the tabs above. 

We are always interested to hear from potential students and postdoctoral researchers, so please get in touch! Information for potential Part II students is in the tab above.


  • 03/11/21 - Royal Society Research Grant (RGS\R2\212360) awarded to investigate metal cluster ion Coulomb explosion imaging.
  • 27/10/21 - SACLA beamtime 2021B8052 with Dr Ruaridh Forbes.
  • 01/10/21 - Ellen Jones joins the group as a DPhil student.
  • 24/09/21 - Harvey Dovell and Fabiola Koenig join the group as MChem students.
  • 17/08/21 - FLASH beamtime F-20191568 with Dr Jason Lee and Prof Melanie Schnell.
  • 12/07/21 - Dr Emily Warne joins the group as a PDRA.
  • 05/07/21 - Diana-Gabriela Oprea joins the group as an undergraduate summer intern.
  • 02/07/21 - Congratulations to Louis Minion and Luke Richardson on completing their MChem projects.
  • 01/06/21 - FLASH beamtime F-20200773 with Dr Ruaridh Forbes.
  • 12/05/21 - SACLA beamtime 2021A8038 with Dr Ruaridh Forbes.
  • 18/03/21 - 'Ultrafast Lasers and Optics for Experimentalists' published by IOP. 
  • 19/11/20 - Louis Minion and Luke Richardson join the group as MChem students.
  • 13/11/20 - 'Multi-channel photodissociation and XUV-induced charge transfer dynamics in strong-field-ionized methyl iodide studied with time-resolved recoil-frame covariance imaging' published in Faraday Discuss.